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2022  |  August 25-27

Centro de Convenciones  |  Puerto Rico

MIDA  Conference & Food show

Northwestern Selecta proudly participated in 2022 MIDA Conference & Food Show, the largest retail food distribution event in Puerto Rico. This three day event, provided us with the opportunity to represent our product lines and connect with clients and industry partners. ​For us, at Northwestern Selecta, it is crucial to be present at such events as it allows us to have direct contact with our clients and understand their needs first-hand. It also provides us with a platform to showcase our innovative food and beverage products and solutions.

We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in this important event and look forward to further strengthening our relationships with clients in Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean. At Northwestern Selecta, we are committed to providing high-quality products and exceptional service to our clients, and events like this allow us to continue moving in that direction.


2022  |  October 14-15

Centro de Convenciones  |  Puerto Rico

ASORE  Bakery & Restaurant Show

We are pleased to share with our clients and friends that Northwestern Selecta has had the privilege of participating in the annual ASORE Bakery & Restaurant Show event in Puerto Rico. This event is one of the most important in the gastronomic sector on the island and brings together the main actors in the industry, from chefs and restaurateurs to suppliers and distributors. At Northwestern Selecta, we have always strived to be at the forefront of the latest food and beverage trends, and our participation in this event has allowed us to showcase our wide range of products and services to an even wider audience. From our gourmet product line to our personalized food and beverage supply solutions, our team has worked tirelessly to ensure that our customers and business partners have access to the best that the industry has to offer.

For us, participating in the ASORE Bakery & Restaurant Show has not only been an opportunity to exhibit our products and services, but also an opportunity to connect with other industry players and learn from them. We are very grateful to have been part of this event and look forward to continuing to work to provide our customers and business partners with the best in food and beverages.

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